Yaagam is performed in special thatched sheds called Yaagasaala. It consists mainly of a Mahaavedi (great hall) in which are :

  • Dasapadam for Homams,
  • a slightly raised platform called Havirdhaanam,
  • two Upasaalaas (small sub-sheds) called Maarjaaleeyam on the south side and Agneedhriyam on the north,
  • Agnihothra Saala, also called Praagwaamsam or west Saala, attached to which along the west boundary is the Pathneesaala; and
  • a Sadass to the east of the west Saala.

There are many other arrangements in a Yaagasaala for specific rituals, most of which are constructed earlier on an auspicious day, but formally done during the Yaagam.



The units of length used for sizing the Yaagasaala are related to the height of the Yajamaanan and hence vary for each Yaagam. The basic unit is :


Danda (pole) = the length (height) measured from the foot of the Yajamaanan to the tip of his middle finger, when he stands erect, raises and stretches both hands up.
Viral (finger) = 1 / 120 of Danda
Prakramam (stick, "Kol") = of Danda = 30 Virals, also approximately = twice the length of Yajamaanan's foot.
Arani = 1/5 of Danda = 20 Virals = 0.8 Prakramam

Most of the measurements are made using a Kol or stick, one Prakramam (P) long (roughly 55 cm for a 175 cm tall Yajamaanan.

1.Pragwaamsam    (Vimatha) : 22 P x 12 P
2.Mahaasaala : East of Pragwaamsam with a gap of 2 P; 36 P long in an east-west direction, 30 P wide at the west end and narrowing to 24 P at the east end.
3.Sadass : At the west end and within the Mahaasaala, 18 Arani (14.4 P) long in a north-south, and 10 Arani (8 P) wide in an east-west direction.
4.Havirdhaani : Just to the east of Sadass and 12 P square.
5.Maarjaaleeyam : A small portion to the south of Havirdhaanam.
6.Agneedhram : A small portion to the north of Havirdhaanam.
7.Utharavedi : To the east of Mahaasaala, in which the "Chithi" is to be built. This is the actual Yaagasaala.
8.Pathneesaala : (Wife's shed) } These are separate small sheds
9.Pasusaala : (Cow shed) } supported on six posts.
10.Aadusaala : (Lamb shed) }